Ursinus Dining Services' Sustainability Initiatives

Recycling on Campus

  • All soda and juice bottles as well as office paper, ink cartridges, cardboard, aluminum and used fryer oil
  • Fryer Oil - Smarter Fuel

Food Pulper - Composting in progress since October 2009

Trayless Initiative - Sodexo has committed a $30,000 contribution to this project which was completed Dec. 2009. When plates are used without trays, waste is decreased by 1 ounce per plate! Water and detergent use is also decreased.

Reduction of the number of deliveries to campus

Organic Food Products - we offer over 25 organic items on a consistent basis. Our retail operation provides the following organic items: beverages, yogurts and smoothies, snacks, frozen entrees, nutritional bars and produce.

Zero Trans Fat Oils

Ecolab Apex Green Cleaning Products

Habitat for Humanity - Annual Donation to Local Chapter

Recycled Bags - Available in the C-Store

Local foods - Since 2006, Ursinus College Dining Services and Sodexo have been making a
concentrated effort to purchase locally grown and produced foods. With this effort, we
have defined ‘local’ as a 100 mile radius from the Ursinus College campus. We are purchasing much of the produce from farms in New York and Pennsylvania.

Bottled Water - "After meetings this summer with Environmental Studies Faculty, as another step, along with our new efforts at composting, and such other campus measures as our Bike Share, all tied

to the President's and the college's commitment to the nationwide Campus Climate Initiative, we are reducing the consumption of bottled water on campus and thus the destructive impact of used bottles on our environment. 

Dining Services will limit the sale and use of bottled water in our operations and for catered events.

Water filtering dispensers have been installed in our operations as an alternative to bottled water.

Ursinus College obtains its water supply from the Collegeville-Trappe Water Company, which provides a verifiable source for clean, tested drinking water."